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IU Live markets in review
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Since last update, a number of important developments have occurred. Some were covered in recent live sessions - others will be discussed in today's monthly review live session.

In particular:

▸ Managed Strategy Portfolio updates:

In addition to the primary strategy (performance info below), additional strategies will be included from next week. This will include more discretionary analysis, including for US Share CFDs; more on this below - and discussed in tomorrow's live session.

▸ Partners update:

Fusion Markets have long been a favoured partner. Now, with their addition of brokerage-free US Share CFDs (more below), Fusion will be considered the default partner for MSP and other services, generally. Importantly: US Share CFDs require an MT5 account - as explained in the live-session recording below (31-minute mark).

▸ MSP Performance and risk tailorability:

With equity markets at all-time-highs, we continue to emphasise the importance of diversification that is - quite simply - not dependent upon markets forever going up. For those unfamiliar with the service, a recording (from Wednesday's live, introductory session) is linked below.

For all still unfamiliar the tailorable performance/risk aspect of the service ('Multiplier'), further explanation was included in the session. A short video excerpt also has been added to the IU Performance page, also linked below.

IU Live markets in review

Full strategy history above (standard/default risk settings).

In today's session we take some time to review all recent developments affecting markets, Members and more.

In particular:

▸ Strategy performance
▸ Strategy additions and adjustments
▸ Key items for major global & local markets
▸ Risk on/off considerations; across markets, including currencies
▸ Education updates and insights 
▸ Industry developments

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Past history is live & verified, though not an assurance of the future. Detailed statistics are published on the IU site. 


This email is not directed at residents of the U.S. or any particular country outside Australia or New Zealand & is not intended for any person in any jurisdiction where such would be contrary to local law or regulation. Any advice included is general only, without considering the objectives or needs/circumstances of any particular person. Past results are not an assurance of the future ones. Inherent risks of any service must be understood, particularly those involving leverage. The PDS & FSG of the provider should always be considered.


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